Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry releases Feast or Famine Report

Dec 20, 2018 | Education & Outreach, News

This report details the impacts of climate change and carbon pricing on agriculture, agri-food and forestry.

The changing climate is of great concern to all Canadians, including farmers and foresters. The Committee, therefore, directed its efforts to answering the following questions: How is climate change affecting our farms and forests? Do these changes offer any potential benefits? If so, how can we take advantage of them? What can we do to make farms and forests more resilient? How can we reduce harm?

This report is the fruit of the discussions held during our study. The first part of the report offers context for the current challenges, including an overview on the impacts of climate change on agriculture and forestry, data regarding Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions, and an overview of the different legislative and policy frameworks that seek to address climate change. The second part of the report examines adaptation and resilience in agriculture and forestry, including what’s already being done and areas for further study and support. The third part of the report examines carbon pricing and its impact on competitiveness in agriculture and forestry. Finally, the fourth section of the report explores the roles of federal and provincial governments and suggests areas for action.

The Committee would like to thank the witnesses who testified or who provided written comments. We hope that the findings and recommendations in this report help show a path forward as Canadians continue to tackle the challenges posed by our changing climate.

We thank our colleagues who participated in the study as well as staff from their offices, from the Library of Parliament, and from the Committees and Communications directorates. We also thank the translators, stenographers, pages, and technicians who make our work possible.

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