What We Do

The lands that Canadian farmers and ranchers manage, and the industries that support them, offer tremendous opportunity to strengthen our economy, reduce carbon emissions and store soil carbon.

To date, this opportunity has been under- appreciated and has lacked meaningful investment or policy attention in Canada, despite global leadership in the development of biological and efficiency carbon reduction protocols in the Agriculture sectors.


Biological Carbon Canada (BCC) is committed to achieving these objectives for the primary agricultural sectors.

  • Help stakeholders in the biological sector achieve an economic return for actions that reduce GHG emissions or remove GHGs from the atmosphere.
  • Help develop training and technical outreach on actions that will reduce GHG emissions.
  • Be a global knowledge hub for creating, measuring and reporting emission reductions from the biological sector.
  • Lever both private and public funding partnership supporting emission reductions.
  • Create and support partnerships engaging emission reductions.


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