ESG Emission Calculator

Farm Scope Manual Spreadsheet/Calculator

The spreadsheet/calculator located in the document below asks for total numbers from your operation. Start the process by locating all the following records from your on-farm data:

  • Livestock should include all animals at year-end still under farm ownership.
  • Fertilizers are recorded as the actual nitrogen applied.
  • Burning requires an estimate of the total dry matter consumed.
  • Fuels required litres and gigajoules consumed.
  • Soil sequestration requires hectares under management, new croplands added, and lands sold for development in the year assessed.
  • Farm data should be a yearly total.

Your calculation will be based on the following emissions:

1. Scope 1 Emissions
Direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions occur from sources that are controlled or owned by the farm.

2. Scope 2 Emissions
Indirect GHG emissions are associated with the purchase of electricity, steam, heat, or cooling. Scope 2 emissions physically occur at the facility where they are generated. The emissions are accounted for in a farm’s GHG inventory due to the farm’s energy consumption.

Download one of the documents below for more information and the Farm Scope spreadsheet/calculator.

Sustainability is being defined in the business world, and in the publicly traded world, as being environmentally, socially and governance (ESG) responsible.

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