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Please fill out the form below to apply to become a member of Biological Carbon Canada.

Biological Carbon Canada is committed to having the biological sector play a significant part in providing carbon reductions and sinks for Canada. How we do this will be based on you as a member.

Once you have submitted the form please make your cheque (fee + 5% GST) to The Canadian Institute for Biological Carbon and mail to the following address:
#906, 101-5101-50 Ave  Leduc AB T9E0B9  Canada

Annual Fees

$100 for an Individual or family farm under 20 employees
$1,000 for a religious partnership
$2,500 for a registered Canadian Non-Profit
$5,000 for a Corporation with 50 employees or less
$5,000 for an Indigenous Group or Organization
$5,000 for a Municipality, University, Public Sector Farm group or commission created by Legislation
$10,000 for a Corporation with 51 employees or more

GST #790003685RT

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