December 2017 Newsletter

Dec 28, 2017 | Education & Outreach, Greenhouse Gas Markets, News, Newsletters

Greetings and Merry Christmas.

On behalf of the Directors of Biological Carbon Canada, season greetings. It is our hope 2018 is a success for your business and family.

We have been busy and this first newsletter is to share some of the news.


BCC has extended membership invitations to those stakeholders who have expressed an interest in BCC’s work.

Supercluster Initiative

You may be aware the Government of Canada is preparing to award $950 million dollars to ‘superclusters’ around Canada. BCC is supporting the Smart Agri-Food Super Cluster (SASC) application to Innovation Superclusters Initiative (ISI).

As a part of this initiative, BCC has put three projects forward. In total BCC projects will assist Canada get to the reduction targets planned.

Project 1 is for Precision Livestock and Sustainable Beef. Extending the work currently being done in feedlots, and grasslands, this project work to add to the GHG marketplace grasslands and additional cattle feeding efficiency techniques.

Project 2 is for Nutrient Stewardship and Precision Cropping. Extending the work already being done in precision farming and fertilizer placement, this project will further mesh on farm improvements with carbon reductions.

Project 3 is for Habitat Restoration and Retention. Extending the work already being done in wetlands management and ecosystem services, this project will work towards using monitoring, reporting and verification platforms making it easier to monetize these carbon improvements.

The graph below is a summary of these three projects.

For 2018

Over the next six months, BCC will be partnering with like minded stakeholders to improve and expand our knowledge of how to merry the digital platforms in existence to the business world of farms and their biological improvements.

Happy New Year.

Graham Gilchrist, P.Ag.

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