Challenge Dialogue: Developing Platforms for Scaling Ag Sustainability Metrics in North America

Dec 15, 2019 | Knowledge Hub

There is no doubt that the Global Agriculture Sector faces several challenges and pressures. Barely a day goes by without news of imminent problems –GHG emissions, land use change –and warnings about the long-term sustainability of the sector. While numerous organizations have begun addressing these pressures, without more organized action, these challenges will continue to accelerate. This report summarizes thoughts from over 60 thought leaders from many food, beverage and agricultural supply chains on increasing and rewarding the use of evidence-based systems in their supply chains.

Leaders gathered in Calgary over the 18thand 19thof June, 2019. Participants shared their experiences and histories, debated ideas,discussed the current technical landscape and participated in a passionate and technically infused dialogue, sharing ideas, experiences and expertise.

Participants recognized that there are multiple efforts developing evidence-based approaches and are supportive of those efforts. These efforts meet the needs of different users and that creates opportunities to leverage some of the same basic digital and science foundational needs. Being able to relate the various tools, methods, metrics and outputs will help advance collaboration and actions at scale.

The output of this workshop was the call to create a collaborative network of companies committed to supporting and scaling evidence-based measurement to inform sustainability interventions in organizations from producers through retailers in North America.Participants identified the values, and the strategic and tactical issues the senior team of this entity would need to address.The group will enable positive change in the North American Agri-Food supply chain by gathering organizations who support evidence-based measurement to inform sustainability interventions from producers through retailers.


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