Joint Advice to Federal Departments for spending of New and Existing Program money on Natural Climate Solutions

Jan 19, 2021 | Education & Outreach

Natural Climate Solutions Funding Briefing NoteSummary of Advice from Biological Carbon Canada

In summary, this is our advice.

We offer the following advice to both Ministries.

  • Protocol Development
    • Fund the development of new protocols for the agricultural industry.
    • Fund the development of protocol adaptation from other jurisdictions. This
      would include US approved protocols or private corporate protocols.
  • Market Rules
    • Fund the development of research needed to adapt current market rules
      used in other commodities and securities for GHG reductions and sink
    • Fund the development of rules for the movement of GHG data from the
      farm and ranch to the end user.
  • Other incentives
    • Offer the agricultural community:
      • A rebate for trees planted and alive at the end of each tax year. The amount received would be indexed to the species, the DBH circumference and the species GHG sink potential.
      • A rebate for conducting regular (minimum 3x in 10 years) soil organic carbon sampling. The soil sample must include bulk density, covers the full root zone, is geo-referenced and is done by an accredited lab.
      • A rebate for direct farm business investment in technology that:
        • Adopts post 2015 technology in farm engine use
        • Precision technology that lowers GHG emissions and
          improves field efficiency.



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